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Mux Mool

Electronic music producer Mux Mool currently resides in Denver, CO and is excited to announce his newest album Skulltaste II is out now.

At a Glance:

Monthly Spotify Listeners:

60 K

Soundcloud Followers:


Notable Performances:

Jane's Addiction NYE - Support

   Belly Up, Aspen Colorado 2018

Pretty Lights 10 Year Anniversary

    Red Rocks, Colorado 2018

STS9 - Support

      House of Blues, Chicago 2019

     Asheville Music Hall, Asheville

Pretty Lights - Band Member

   Various Performances 2015-16

Notable Features:

Adult Swim

Dewars Whiskey

Nidhogg II

CSI: Miami

Silicon Valley

Teen Wolf 


Young Heavy Souls

Ghostly International

Alpha Pup


Spanning Hip Hop to EDM



Booking & Press Inquiries:



Pitchfork: Skulltaste Review: 7.5

"Post-hip-hop producer creates an album whose sonic multiple-personality disorder could be aggravating if it weren't so consistently engaging."

GameCrate: Best Game Soundtrack of the Year 2017

"Electronic artist Mux Mool leads the way with nine tracks on the game's (absolutely killer) OST"

KEXP Blog: Planet High School Review

"The flow of Planet High School is in this vein – natural, yet surprising." 

KEXP Blog: Song of the Day "Brothers"

"A technologically complex breed of synthesis and a timeless piece of indigenous art."

Resident Advisor: Planet High School Review:

"Planet High School is an anomaly in an overcrowded field of beat music, preferring actual songs over sketches and loops, progression over attention deficit." 

XLR8R: Planet High School Review:

" (Planet High School is) the work of a knowledgeable producer with a wide spectrum of influences and whose best tracks are likely still to come."

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