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Mux Mool

Electronic music producer Mux Mool currently resides in Denver, CO and is excited to announce the Partly Cloudy Remixes album is out now!

At a Glance:

Monthly Spotify Listeners:

60 K

Soundcloud Followers:


Notable Performances:

Infrasound Festival

     Albert Lea, Minnesota 2023


     Syntheism Robotics Show               Mission Ballroom

     Denver, Colorado 2023

Pretty Lights

     The Caverns

     Pelham, Tennessee 2023

Jane's Addiction NYE 

   Belly Up, Aspen Colorado 2018

Pretty Lights 10 Year Anniversary

    Red Rocks, Colorado 2018

Pretty Lights - Band Member

   Various Performances 2015-16

Notable Features:

Adult Swim

Dewars Whiskey

Nidhogg II

CSI: Miami

Silicon Valley

Teen Wolf 


Young Heavy Souls

Ghostly International

Alpha Pup


Spanning Hip Hop to EDM


Pitchfork: Skulltaste Review: 7.5

"Post-hip-hop producer creates an album whose sonic multiple-personality disorder could be aggravating if it weren't so consistently engaging."

GameCrate: Best Game Soundtrack of the Year 2017

"Electronic artist Mux Mool leads the way with nine tracks on the game's (absolutely killer) OST"

KEXP Blog: Planet High School Review

"The flow of Planet High School is in this vein – natural, yet surprising." 

KEXP Blog: Song of the Day "Brothers"

"A technologically complex breed of synthesis and a timeless piece of indigenous art."

Resident Advisor: Planet High School Review:

"Planet High School is an anomaly in an overcrowded field of beat music, preferring actual songs over sketches and loops, progression over attention deficit." 

XLR8R: Planet High School Review:

" (Planet High School is) the work of a knowledgeable producer with a wide spectrum of influences and whose best tracks are likely still to come."

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Booking & Press Inquiries:


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