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     The discography of Mux Mool may as well be a genre unto itself. Although something of an unsung hero, he’s spent the last two decades formulating a sound that has influenced an entire generation of producers.


     Mux Mool’s fusion between hip-hop and electronic music exhibits an elusive cohesion of concept. His discography as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, championed by entities including Ghostly International, Pretty Lights Music and Adult Swim.


     Mux Mool is a living, breathing, eccentric artist stereotype. Born Brian Lindgren in St. Paul, Minnesota to a folk singer mother and painter father, he resonated with video game music more than anything he heard on the radio as a child. In high school he discovered electronic music acts like Chemical Brothers and Sasha & Digweed.


     In 1998, he started producing music but waited until 2006 to release his first track "Lost and Found" which was named one of iTunes 'Best Electronic Songs' of that year alongside Flying Lotus & Justice. It also gained enough traction on MySpace Music to prompt none other than Bassnectar to request the stems to one of his songs. More importantly, it landed him on the radar of Moodgadget A&R.


     In 2009 Mux Mool toured throughout the United States and in 2010 he released his first studio-length album, "Skulltaste" on Ghostly International. A song from the effort titled “Get Better John” remains his most successful track to date, garnering 2.5 million plays on Spotify.


     From 2010 to 2011 he added tour dates alongside Bassnectar, Break Science and Lotus to his résumé. He then followed up his first release with the album "Planet High School" in 2012 and "Appetite for Production" in 2014.

     More recently, Mux Mool has collaborated and performed with Derek Vincent Smith A.K.A. Pretty Lights.  In addition, he and fellow producer Michael Menert went on to launch Super Best Records, signing acts including Krooked Drivers (now Maddy O'Neal) and Late Night Radio.


     Mux Mool's newest album Skulltaste II dropped on July 10th, 2020.

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